06/24/18Words As WeaponsVoice over / narration complete for WILLPOWER film
Words As Weapons

Thanks and love to Willpower Running in Europe for having me do voiceover for their new film “The Essence” about Willpower Athlete and ultra marathoner Lisa Mehl.

“The Essence” was filmed, edited, and produced by Stephan Wieser and Valentin Rapp Film / Photo. Photography completed at the Zugspitz Ultratrail in Germany. Narration co-written between Chris Zehetleitner of Willpower and me over an excited 24 hours last week.

Watch the full video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ief9Wba9Mwk. Click subtitles for the German version.
And check out Willpower online HERE.

The here and now. Not alone but on your own. Surroundings vanish. Thoughts melt. The people around you fade out, becoming shadows. Your challenge comes into sharper focus. And then there is motion.

This struggle is consuming and liberating at the same time. Suffering is ever-present but also meaningless. Following a given path, created by no one but yourself. Breathing in pain. Exhaling sheer power.

‘Home‘ is not only a physical place anymore. It’s somewhere enshrined in your heart. A goal. A momentary respite along the way. Warmth and solace rise from small gifts. But these are not to be savored too sweetly. You are soon alone again.

All you have to give is being taken, used, exhausted. Redemption remains unclear. It is a dark place. It is a path of opposites. But you love it here. And you have entered this place on your own accord.

In time, everything becomes clear. And amidst the constant motion you realize… “I am a runner.”

06/21/18Words As WeaponsSpoken word show announced for July 22nd in Southampton England
Words As Weapons

I am heading back to Europe this July for a series of spoken shows. And since I can’t just say Europe and have that include England any longer thanks to silly Brexit, I am posting this show separately than a Europe announcement.

Ideas on supporting and changing the world from three different speakers in one night:

06/18/18Words As WeaponsNew online interview explores on “7 Splinters in Time” on Idioteq.com
Words As Weapons

My friend Karol Kaminski at Idioteq asked me some questions recently about the upcoming sci-fi thriller “7 Splinters in Time”.

This is an interview with an unspoken inspiration from the filmmakers amidst it. One thing often unsaid about the film is that director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel and producers Ty Walker, Edoardo Ballerini, Isen Robbins and Gil Holland worked for nine years on it. And not just a linear nine years, but a nine years of figuring out how to get the movie completed and ultimately completing it brilliantly.

How many of us commit to a project over such a long period of time, even when a clear end point isn’t apparent? They did. And that inspires me immensely.

The film will be out in July in select theaters and on July 13th via Video on Demand.

Upcoming screenings:

Monday July 9th NEW YORK CITY – 7pm at Anthology. Details available soon.
Wednesday July 11th LOS ANGELES – 7PM Laemmle Music Hall Beverly Hills

Read the interview here!

04/09/18Words As WeaponsJust back from Haiti and it was truly INCREDIBLE
Words As Weapons

It is always important to remember the constant beauty experienced in Haiti along with the struggles.

This is Madame Papo. She lives in Bas Pinal, a small community a few kilometers from the center of Ranquitte. One Hundred For Haiti put a roof on her house last year.

I met her yesterday for the first time. I asked what she thought of her new roof. “Trè kontant”. Very happy.

I just got back from Haiti and my mind is spinning from all the stories I heard and the people I met over the last week and a half. I’ve posted a compilation of all of my Facebook and Instagram posts from the last week into one post at www.onehundredforhaiti.org.

This trip was different than in years past. In 2017 and now into 2018, people donating whether once or signing up as recurring monthly donors allowed us to do so much. I constantly saw how many people had been positively affected by all of us coming together.

I’m inspired for the rest of 2018. Plans are forming along the lines of development, job creation, safe water, new roofs, and more. Thank you for all the support so far and into the future xo

LEARN MORE about our work here: http://www.onehundredforhaiti.org/haiti-trip-spring-2018/

03/28/18Words As WeaponsBystander: my new band, signs with Safe Inside Records and announces global labels
Words As Weapons

We are excited to announce that BYSTANDER has signed with Safe Inside Records from San Diego, CA. We love the idea of working with a newer label and all the potential that comes with it. When Burt Jenkins from Safe Inside first heard the songs, he immediately put a game plan together for us should we choose his label. His excitement about the band matched ours. Please be sure to follow them so you can get any updates on the band including songs being debuted and 7″ information, as well as information about other bands on their label. THANK YOU to everyone who has emailed, messaged, or texted us about how they’re looking forward to hearing this. There have been many of you. It means a lot.

But wait, there’s more…

Because we want to ensure as many people have access to our upcoming release as possible and to help those of you outside the US avoid paying too much for it as an import, these amazing additional labels will also be releasing our record in your part of the world…..


Goodwill Records



Kick Out The Jams
(Partial benefit for One Hundred For Haiti)

Reason Records

World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records & Booking

02/17/18Words As WeaponsBane documentary footage and photos needed!
Words As Weapons

Bane friends, fans, followers….footage and photos are needed for the “Holding These Moments” documentary. Have any of these? Know anyone who might? Send to banedocumentary@gmail.com

Things we need from other people!

⁃ Harvest last show (in 1998, Minneapolis)
⁃ “The Note” (May or so 2005) record release show footage
⁃ Steve Neal benefit show video footage (2003 or so) which was also Nick’s final show with the band
⁃ Video or photos from recording “Don’t Wait Up”, specifically the song “Calling Hours”
⁃ Pictures or videos from “The Promise / Bane” tour (2002/2003)
⁃ Edgeday 2000 video (Haverhill, MA)
⁃ Bane recording footage/ photos from any recording session
⁃ Candid photos of Bane hanging out
⁃ Any tour / travel footage or photos (clowning around on tour….anything which shows them basically not playing)

02/02/18Words As WeaponsWhat Matters Most
Words As Weapons

Late at night, sitting up in Canada, thinking about what matters, what doesn’t, where to put energy, and where not to.

I just got this photo sent to me from one of the villages we support in Haiti with One Hundred For Haiti.

This is a roof donors paid for this year so that a family can sleep safely. In the Ranquitte region, a thatched roof means not only rain falling in and soaking families in the night (families will often crowd into corners or sleep sitting up to avoid getting soaked by leaks).

It also means the threat of bugs falling from the thatch onto the faces of sleeping people and biting them around their mouths. Known as “kissing bugs” the Chagas disease that they transmit can be deadly.

Putting a metal roof on a house changes everything for a family in Haiti. Here’s to one more family who will sleep at night in a house safer from disease and the rain.

That matters. www.onehundredforhaiti.org

01/30/18Words As WeaponsNOC WALPURGII FEST 2018 in Berlin 4/30/2018
Words As Weapons

One of Europe’s most important punk/hardcore events. Education, entertainment and activism all in one.

Emancypunx//Refuse//AGH team presents:

Anarcha-feminist. Queer-punk. Anti-sexist. Anti-homophobic. Anti-transphobic. AntI-fascist, anti-racist and anti-nationalist. DIY and non-corporate. Friendly and inclusive. International. Intersectional. Radical and uncompromising!


KOHTI TUHOA (Helsinki, Finland)
Southern Finnish hardcore punk group comprised of people also familiar from bands such as Speedtrap, Maailmanloppu, Perikato and Kylmä Sota. Naming Framtid and Uskonto on vaara -era Rattus as principal influences. New LP is out on Southern Lord Records.

Dark HC Punk with deep and radical message.

SIKSA (Gniezno, Poland)
Radical, outspoken and feminist perfo-punk.

HAG (Malmö, Sweden)
To the point hardcore with members of AXE RUSH, AGENT ATTITUDE and OBNOXIOUS YOUTH

HYENAZ (Berlin)
Electronic avant-gardists. Thinkers, dreamers, activists and movers concerned with the multiple, with the alien-self, and above all with possibilities for self and social transformation through artistic practise and the performance of ritual.

EAT MY FEAR (Berlin)
xVegan Feminist Hardcorex

Loud and relentless

Raging Anarcho HC Punk


April 30th 2018 in BERLIN
Köpi/Koma F
Köpenickerstr. 137
Doors 5PM No pre-sale!

01/25/18Words As Weapons“7 Splinters in Time” film premiere in San Jose CA
Words As Weapons

Four years ago film director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel called and asked me to act in his debut feature film 7 Splinters in Time (formerly titled as OMPHALOS) about a murder mystery solved across time. I flew to New York City for a month. I was to play an eccentric, out of work juggler, with a tendency to speak like a psychotic maniac yet somehow make sense sometimes. Hmm: #typecasting

I was starring next to the insanely talented Edoardo Ballerini (Boardwalk Empire), veteran star Austin Pendleton (A Beautiful Mind, Searching for Bobby Fischer), and powerhouse Emmanuel Chriqui (Entourage, The Mentalist).

The last four years have seen Gabriel work endlessly on the edit, the special effects, the musical score. He is the definition of an artist, just consumed by and in his work, no matter what the roadblocks he faced and there were many.

I just learned that the film was accepted and is having its world premiere on March 3rd 2018 in San Jose CA at the Cinequest Film Festival. Most of us in the cast and the wickedly talented crew will be there in attendance. Its a total victory for Gabriel as an artist and his unique vision.

Word on the street, from the festival coordinators: “Omphalos succeeds in providing an unparalleled take on the ‘sci-fi-thriller’ as it packs in plenty of suspenseful twists, an intriguing romantic narrative, and consistently ravishing visuals while channeling through intricate themes of youth, love, and identity.” Boom!

Saturday March 3rd at 3Below Theaters & Lounge (288 South 2nd Street), 7:15PM and then throughout the following week both at 3Below and at the Century 20 Redwood City at different times.


01/12/18Words As Weapons#StandWithHaiti
Words As Weapons

Sitting up late writing to Haitians directly and apologizing on behalf of the United States for the words of our self-imposed god-king. I am so upset. It wavers between rage that fills my eyes with tears and makes me think thoughts I can’t type here, and just a heavy sadness mixed with determination as I realize how much work there is to do and how important it is to make sure we do whatever we can to help it get done right, and on Haitian terms.

I had been excited this week to begin tons of work on a major anti-oppression and anti-rape initiative which will take the efforts we’ve accomplished in that area in the last year and catapult them into the stratosphere. My friends in Haiti and I are working on plans along with activists here in the states who are offering solid ideas on how to help transform the societal imbalances which lead to violence and to put it all in Haitian hands as trainers for their own people. Now instead of just wanting and hoping to see that dream become a reality I feel that we owe it to the people there to see it through, given that our president today basically called for racial purity, United States supremacy, and once again helped to establish a foundation upon which violence against foreigners can safely stand. And he did it while cutting down a country as subhuman who have survived more in the last eight years than most of us will ever understand or know firsthand.

It is the anniversary of the quake now. Its well after midnight. I was in Haiti half a year before the quake, meeting friends who have lasted in my life since then, and establishing bonds which could never be broken or even bent by the President’s hateful words today.

There’s no point to this post other than to just connect. Part of Trump’s plan is to overwhelm us all on an individual level. To make us think that we are the only ones who are so confused. The idea is to make us feel so burnt out and numb that each individual news story and the narrative overall loses its impact. And in doing so to diminish our desire to take action against him and these policies. The effect is to isolate us and to leave us feeling helpless and alone. Many times he’s succeeded at that: I see and hear the news and I feel like there’s just too much to fight against. But not tonight. Tonight Trump failed. His words reset my determination. The more we connect as activists and as friends, the less power our so called leaders have over us as a mass of helpless individuals seemingly in need of their guidance.

An hour ago as we were signing off for the night, I said to Nathan Hamlin Bean, devoted activist and on the board of One Hundred For Haiti, “Haiti wins in the end. Lets help that happen”.

For the people we’ve supported, for the ones we haven’t even met yet, for the future of a small country which has an immense beauty to its people and its land which those who have been there know and love, and for the idea that people are defined by far more than borders and validated by more than their material wealth, tonight from Seattle I stand with Haiti.


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