07/20/14The Bunny Alliance on their current tour…

Part two of Words As Weapons’ support of The Bunny Alliance as they continue their work to stop major airlines from shipping primates for animal research. They are on tour now – check out their dates and support their work! Get involved!


June 27th – 29th: Portland, OR
June 30th: Eugene, OR
July 1st – 8th: Southern Oregon
July 9th: Berkeley, CA
July 10th – 14th: Los Angeles, CA
July 15th: Phoenix, AZ
July 16th: Dallas, TX
July 17th: San Antonio, TX
July 18th: Alice, TX
July 19th – 20th: Houston, TX
July 22nd – 24th: South Florida
July 26th – 28th: Atlanta, GA
July 29th – July 30th: Cincinnati, OH
July 31st – August 2nd: St. Louis, MO
August 4th: South Dakota
August 5th – 6th: Denver, CO
August 7th – 9th: Salt Lake City, UT
August 11th: Missoula, MT
August 12th: Moscow, ID
August 20th: Vancouver, BC
August 22nd: Seattle, WA

The interview is 15 minutes long. LISTEN HERE (15 minutes, 23 seconds)

***Download the file to listen later: DOWNLOAD.

• The website for The Bunny Alliance
• Follow them on instagram: @thebunnyalliance

07/14/14Greg on new Discuss and Disregard podcast episode

The Discuss & Disregard Podcast had me on as a guest this week to share my early years coming up in punk/hardcore and other mildly entertaining ramblings. The episode title is a play on words about the new album from Run With The Hunted who we namedrop on the episode for scene points and street cred.

Hear the entire episode HERE

D&D Podcast

06/25/14Kevin Zelko: on the intersection of soccer and activism

I’ve known Kevin Zelko for almost twenty years and in that time he is one of the few people who again and again surprises me with his activism. He is an innovator in the truest sense of the word, a community organizer, and for the people he supports, a changer of worlds. Kevin

I sat down this week with Kevin to talk about his love for soccer, the formation of the Gorilla FC support club and how they are involved in the community, his innovative work as an early adopter of Twitter, and his recent crowd funding campaign to support kids which garnered national media interest.

Kevin keeps us thinking about how to use resources available to us in new ways to bring about results.

Kevin is up for a teaching award that could lead to even more national press. To vote for him (voting ends 6/29/2014) listen to our interview and then see the link below.

The interview is less than a half an hour long, and worth every minute. LISTEN HERE (27 minutes, 57 seconds)

***Download the file to listen later: DOWNLOAD.

• The website for Gorilla FC
• Follow Kevin on Twitter
• Vote for Kevin for Teacher of the Year (voting ends at 11:59 p.m. (ET) on 6/29/14 – UPDATE: KEVIN WON THE VOTING PROCESS!) HERE

06/20/14East coast summer spoken word tour 2014!

I’ll be doing a handful of spoken dates this summer around This is Hardcore. Stoked! Topics and stories to be told, and issues to be covered, are yet-to-be-determined, but I won’t be repeating material from the past, you jokers. What do you think this is, amateur hour? See you on the road! Bring me vegan snacks.

7/21 Syracuse NY – Westcott Community Center
7/22 Montreal QC – Il Motore
7/23 Quebec City QC – Le Cercle
7/24 Burlington VT – 242 Main
7/26 Philadelphia PA – This Is Hardcore
7/27 West Haven CT – The Crunch House
7/28 Haverhill MA – Anchors Up

Summer 2014

04/29/14Paula Schikkerling on midwifery in Uganda – Part 1

I met Paula Schikkerling years ago in Canada and have been following her path through women’s health care in British Columbia with great interest. She is one of those people who has a goal, a focus on behalf of others, and is willing to put on hold everything else in her own life to get to where she needs to be. Her dedication is immense. paula schikkerling She is about to head to Uganda to begin a six week placement there, and I had a chance to ask her some preliminary questions before her trip about what she does and why. An in-depth interview will take place upon her return so we can hear more about how women’s health care is being maintained, or struggling, in that part of the world.

1. So…where you are going and why you want to go?
I’m heading to Mbale – a city of about 100000 people – in Eastern Uganda. After completing 3 of our 4 years of training at UBC Midwifery, we are given the opportunity to do a global placement. There are currently 3 active sites in Uganda where students are placed. Myself, two other students and an instructor will be working in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital for 6 weeks, providing prenatal care, attending to women in labour, delivering and resuscitating babies and assisting in surgeries. The purpose of the program is two-fold: to engage in knowledge and cultural exchange with Ugandan care providers and to gain exposure to global health issues via first-hand experience with the multiple systemic barriers faced by women and families living in under-resourced areas.

2. Tell our readers about your background a bit?
I grew up in South Africa, where inequity and prejudice dominated every aspect of society. I was deeply disturbed by the poverty and abuse of human rights that I witnessed – and through liberal schooling and a strong sense of justice, I developed a passion for social equality. When I was 16, I immigrated to Canada, where I quickly become involved with social justice politics. When I learned about midwifery at age 20, I knew that it was the perfect confluence of my personal philosophy, politics, spirituality and skill set. Since then, I have worked with women and newborns, kids with special needs and families facing multiple systemic barriers…and 15 years and a ton of schooling later, am now finally a year away from being qualified as a midwife.

3. What is the most pressing problem – or one of them – facing women in so called emerging countries in terms of birthing care?
Women in poor countries face so many barriers: poverty, lack of personal power within their relationships and in society as a whole, and the prevalence of preventable diseases. Lack of skilled health workers, poor infrastructure and corruption within most systems make many of these challenges very difficult to overcome. Malaria is endemic in many regions of Uganda, HIV is on the rise and even basics such as clean drinking water are only available in certain areas. When it comes to childbearing in Uganda, only 30% of women have access to contraception and only 57% have a skilled attendant at birth. 16 women die every day in Uganda while giving birth! This is shocking and completely preventable. In Canada and the United States, by contrast, less than 20 women per 100,000 die in childbirth.

You can help support Paula’s trip and placement. She has a fundraising campaign set up online to help with expenses related to the trip. Part two of her interview will be online in two months after she gets back to Canada.

03/06/14New video from The Bunny Alliance about their Gateway to Hell Tour

Our friends with the Bunny Alliance have finished a video that shows the basic ideas behind their recent Gateway To Hell tour.

On Christmas Day, 2013, The Bunny Alliance embarked on the Gateway to Hell tour across the United States to hold Delta Air Lines accountable for its involvement in the transportation of animals to animal testing facilities around the globe. As the North American representative and a strategic partner of Air France, Delta holds keys to this gateway to hell for the hundreds of animals that are flown into the United States every week to be experimented on in labs across the nation.

They traveled to major cities to bring this information to the public’s eye and to work to unify the animal liberation movement. On the cross-country trip, they made stops in Salt Lake City, Denver, St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland, with a total of 21 demonstrations over the course of the tour. They held demonstrations at Delta’s hub airports, cargo offices, corporate offices, and executives’ homes, with surprise stops at the home of an Air France Vice President, a lobby invasion at the Air France corporate headquarters in New York, and surprise demonstrations at the homes of ABX Air executives.

The campaign against Delta Air Lines and Air France is ongoing, and will not cease until Air France puts a permanent ban on the transport of all animals to vivisection labs.

Please visit TheBunnyAlliance.com for more information. Check the INTERVIEWS page to listen to an interview with Jordan from The Bunny Alliance about the ideas behind their work.

03/04/14New interview: Taras Kaduk on current politics in Ukraine


Ukrainian Taras Kaduk on the political situation in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine; the history of Crimea; the reasons behind the conflict; and perspectives on history and how it relates to the present.

LISTEN HERE (43 min)

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The interview with Taras is zipped HERE.

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02/13/14West coast spoken word tour Feb 14th – March 2nd 2014

Help spread the word! Winter spoken word tour is underway as of 2/14 in Boise Idaho. Share with friends in these cities!

Tour poster

01/16/14New interview: Amal Graafstra, Adventure Technologist


Adventure technologist Amal Graafstra of DangerousThings.com on bio hacking, man/machine interfaces, evolution vs engineering, machine learning, human RFID implantation, and the future of personal computing when we literally become the machines. And that’s just part one!
LISTEN HERE (1 hour, 26 min)

In part two, Amal tells us about an incredible discovery he made about radioactivity being in a somewhat common consumer product. We talk too about Fukashima and the effect of radiation from that disaster.
LISTEN HERE (36 min)

***Download the file to listen later:
Part 1 is zipped HERE.
Part 2 is zipped HERE.***

Amal Graafstra official blog where he discusses all aspects of new technology and the human interface it needs to be complete.

Amal Graafstra TEDx speech on bio hacking and the future of technology.

Dangerous Things website where you can buy your own RFID or nXT implant kit.

As always, if you have questions or comments for Amal about the interview, be sure to send them in using the contact page.

01/08/14New interview: Sam of Seattle GRRRL Army


Sam, co-founder of Seattle GRRRL Army a clandestine direct action group which is reclaiming public space in the name of social justice. In the span of just a few months they captured substantial public and media attention through taking direct steps to push issues of patriarchy, rape culture, sex workers’ rights, best response in support of assault survivors, sexism, and gender into the minds of the general public.

Interview with Sam of Seattle GRRRL Army

***Download the file to listen later HERE.***

The Stranger (Seattle newspaper) article on Seattle GRRRL Army.

City Arts article on the impact of Seattle GRRRL Army.

As always, if you have questions or comments for Sam or about the interview, be sure to send them in using the contact page.

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