02/17/18Bane documentary footage and photos needed!

Bane friends, fans, followers….footage and photos are needed for the “Holding These Moments” documentary. Have any of these? Know anyone who might? Send to banedocumentary@gmail.com

Things we need from other people!

⁃ Harvest last show (in 1998, Minneapolis)
⁃ “The Note” (May or so 2005) record release show footage
⁃ Steve Neal benefit show video footage (2003 or so) which was also Nick’s final show with the band
⁃ Video or photos from recording “Don’t Wait Up”, specifically the song “Calling Hours”
⁃ Pictures or videos from “The Promise / Bane” tour (2002/2003)
⁃ Edgeday 2000 video (Haverhill, MA)
⁃ Bane recording footage/ photos from any recording session
⁃ Candid photos of Bane hanging out
⁃ Any tour / travel footage or photos (clowning around on tour….anything which shows them basically not playing)

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