Check out the Punk Rock Pariah Podcast and Radio Show. The show is hosted by award-winning Disc Jockey Grendel and yours truly and is both a radio show and a podcast at the intersection of politics, pop culture, and punk.

ALL OF OUR TOPICS ARE LISTENER-GENERATED…well, other than those which jump out of the news themselves. If you have a topic in pop culture, punk, politics, or any random thing which pops into your mind…write us! You can tweet at @legalmindedpunk or @gregbennick and we will add your topic. It has to be FCC friendly or possible to make it so. You can also use the CONTACT page to send in ideas.

What makes the show fun is talking about some weird candy in one minute for example, a serious topic the next, a more ridiculous topic after that…all suggested in advance by people who have or will tune in.

We air weekly on Monday nights 6-8PM Pacific time at KXSU Seattle (102.1FM) and you can listen in live worldwide at kxsuseattle.org

All available archived episodes can be found here.

One of our best recent episodes was in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting…check it out here.

Please note that due to technical limitations, we get raw recordings of our live shows from the radio station sometimes a week or two after our air dates, so the best way to experience the show is live as we talk about issue-related topics pertinent to that particular week.



Below is home of the historic Between Mirth and Die Podcast, an audio venture which was around for a few years and featured two profound geniuses, each (and collectively) made dumber through their collaboration.

NOTE: The ideas and language used and expressed in this podcast were often both not safe for work, and at the same time essential to the quality of your life. Ignore these episodes at your own peril. We have spoken.

The Players:
HAPPY: Canadian, guitarist of Between Earth & Sky: opinionated, verbose, comical, had a beard.
GREG: American, singer of Between Earth & Sky: intelligent, convoluted, witty, beardless.

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