Sitting up late writing to Haitians directly and apologizing on behalf of the United States for the words of our self-imposed god-king. I am so upset. It wavers between rage that fills my eyes with tears and makes me think thoughts I can’t type here, and just a heavy sadness mixed with determination as I realize how much work there is to do and how important it is to make sure we do whatever we can to help it get done right, and on Haitian terms.

I had been excited this week to begin tons of work on a major anti-oppression and anti-rape initiative which will take the efforts we’ve accomplished in that area in the last year and catapult them into the stratosphere. My friends in Haiti and I are working on plans along with activists here in the states who are offering solid ideas on how to help transform the societal imbalances which lead to violence and to put it all in Haitian hands as trainers for their own people. Now instead of just wanting and hoping to see that dream become a reality I feel that we owe it to the people there to see it through, given that our president today basically called for racial purity, United States supremacy, and once again helped to establish a foundation upon which violence against foreigners can safely stand. And he did it while cutting down a country as subhuman who have survived more in the last eight years than most of us will ever understand or know firsthand.

It is the anniversary of the quake now. Its well after midnight. I was in Haiti half a year before the quake, meeting friends who have lasted in my life since then, and establishing bonds which could never be broken or even bent by the President’s hateful words today.

There’s no point to this post other than to just connect. Part of Trump’s plan is to overwhelm us all on an individual level. To make us think that we are the only ones who are so confused. The idea is to make us feel so burnt out and numb that each individual news story and the narrative overall loses its impact. And in doing so to diminish our desire to take action against him and these policies. The effect is to isolate us and to leave us feeling helpless and alone. Many times he’s succeeded at that: I see and hear the news and I feel like there’s just too much to fight against. But not tonight. Tonight Trump failed. His words reset my determination. The more we connect as activists and as friends, the less power our so called leaders have over us as a mass of helpless individuals seemingly in need of their guidance.

An hour ago as we were signing off for the night, I said to Nathan Hamlin Bean, devoted activist and on the board of One Hundred For Haiti, “Haiti wins in the end. Lets help that happen”.

For the people we’ve supported, for the ones we haven’t even met yet, for the future of a small country which has an immense beauty to its people and its land which those who have been there know and love, and for the idea that people are defined by far more than borders and validated by more than their material wealth, tonight from Seattle I stand with Haiti.


12/31/17One Hundred For Haiti – 2017 Accomplishments

We just posted our annual year end review for ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI to share our accomplishments for 2017. All of this was only possible with the help of people like you who stepped up to take part, and offer time, energy, and resources.

Check out the update by clicking on this photo of Haitian kids eating food where they had none before…

12/23/17KISW Metal Shop interview online now…

Seattle metal radio gods Kevin Diers and Ian Res of KISW METAL SHOP took a few minutes to talk spoken word, the Punk Rock Pariah Radio show, gummy candies, the upcoming Between Earth & Sky record, and more recently. Check it out and waste 25 perfectly good minutes by clicking on the graphic above.

We also talk about the upcoming Rumble in Chicago which will come about this April and will see hardcore legends Strife, Racetraitor and others joining dozens of other incredible bands.

12/09/17Vegan Black Metal Chef in Seattle

Last night the Vegan Black Metal Chef sat down with Cameron Collins and me to record episode #49 of our Punk Rock Pariah podcast / radio show and talk about how he became a vegan black metal chef and what it was like growing up amidst the metal scene in Tampa, FL. We also talked about vegan cooking and his amazing new cookbook, The Seitanic Spellbook. Give it a listen now!

AND if you’re in Seattle…go see Vegan Black Metal Chef at Vegan Haven today Saturday, December 9th from Noon to 3pm: Meet the Vegan Black Metal Chef + Booksigning at Vegan Haven. He will be sharing freshly made potato salad, taking photos, and signing autographs.

‪Listen to Episode 49 – Vegan Black Metal Chef ‬here:


12/08/17Washed Up Emo Podcast interview


The Washed Up Emo podcast and I hung out recently and talked about:

– The 90s vs today
– The effects of social media
– Paul Bearer jokes
– My journey as a speaker
– The idea of emotional music as a term/concept
– the work One Hundred For Haiti does for the people of Haiti

WEBSITE – http://www.washedupemo.com/news/2017/3/ep-116-greg-bennick-trial-between-earth-sky

ITUNES – iTunes.com/washedupemo

12/02/17Changing the World Without Having a Clue comes to Vermont

Vermont and Northeast friends: I had such an incredible time this weekend with two back to back spoken word events December 1st and 2nd on “Changing the World Without Having a Clue” here in Vermont. Thanks to Spencer and Renee Crispe and Matt Kimball for all the work they did putting these events together, and especially for branching out and bringing in audience members from the widest range in the local communities. And for the people who came from other states to be here at the shows this weekend.

December 1st in Brattleboro Vermont at Headroom Stages
December 2nd in Burlington Vermont at the Blackbox Theater

The idea for these events is always the same: Come share ideas, speak out, be clueless, and let’s change the world.

More soon.

11/17/17On the Wild Side: anti-hunting worldwide

On a day when Trump announces an easing of the ban on importing trophy hunted elephant parts from Zimbabwe and Zambia

On a day when I am trying to reconcile the morality, compassion, and ethics of not eating or killing animals with the idea that exotic trophy hunters should be effectively hunted and turned into trophies themselves…

I find solace in the work being done by Giacomo Xjoshx Giorgi who as director, along with the facebookless and brilliant Raffa as Assistant Director, are in South Africa this week filming interviews for On The Wild Side: a documentary film in production now around the planet that explores the anti-hunting movement worldwide.

This film will support and uphold the anti-hunting movement on a wide range of fronts. It will be edited this winter. I’m narrating the film and producing as well and couldn’t be more honored to be working with Giacomo and Raffa on it especially during a time like this.

Please like the film’s Facebook page and follow us on Instagram too: @onthewildsideinitiative

11/12/17New anti violence trainings in Haiti

This week One Hundred For Haiti fully funded two community trainings in the rural regions of Randell and Tiburon in Haiti to raise awareness about the Convention of the Rights of the Child and to engage local people in basic ideas, discussion, and how to take action to prevent violence and sexual assault.

Every one of these trainings this year has resulted in communities setting up their own systems for followup and community self-monitoring.

I’m very thankful for every donor who made this possible. Every little bit really does add up.

In Haiti, thank you to Little Footprints, Big Steps for partnering with us, to IBESR for coordinating these greatly needed activities and to all of the social work partners of the Working Group for Child Protection (GTPE) of which we are a part. We are honored to support these trainings and to be a part of them!

Find out more about ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI on Facebook and please spread the word about what we do.

11/02/17Depixelate podcast with Dean Berlinerblau

When Dean Berlinerblau wrote and asked for an interview for his new podcast I had no idea I would be diving into deeeeeeep conversation. Dean asks challenging questions! His Depixelate podcast just came out and I’d recommend listening to him even more than listening to me.

We went for it. Topics covered in the 90+ minutes include self-improvement, the positive manifestation of suffering, politically-charged violence in the West, collectivism and individualism, the importance of civil dialogue, the negative effects of social media and targeted information algorithms, online censorship, free speech, gentrification in Seattle, what to do about inequality, and the meaning and social fabric of the hardcore music scene. WHEW.

iTunes (opens in the Podcasts app): https://pcr.apple.com/id1304385401

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/depixelate

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXZ_s5oAdvo&t=1s

10/28/17Punk Rock comes to Grinnell College in Iowa!

The best of times at Grinnell College in Iowa with vegan straightedge sociology professor Ross Haenfler who put together two full days of speaking and events. Day one had us team teaching sociology classes together about punk/hardcore history and how punk and straightedge relate to larger social issues. Later in the day he arranged a campus-wide speaking event for my “Changing the World Without Having a Clue” presentation.

On the second day we hung out on the couch with his cats and talked for three and a half hours about the wider sociological implications of punk and straightedge for a new book he is working on, and then he arranged for us to meet at night with the campus Intersectional Vegan Group to talk about how veganism connects to other forms of oppression. Great students and even better ideas circulating about how to tie together all sorts of different initiatives.

If you ever go back to college make sure you go to Grinnell and have Ross be your professor. He plays Minor Threat in class.

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