11/12/17New anti violence trainings in Haiti

This week One Hundred For Haiti fully funded two community trainings in the rural regions of Randell and Tiburon in Haiti to raise awareness about the Convention of the Rights of the Child and to engage local people in basic ideas, discussion, and how to take action to prevent violence and sexual assault.

Every one of these trainings this year has resulted in communities setting up their own systems for followup and community self-monitoring.

I’m very thankful for every donor who made this possible. Every little bit really does add up.

In Haiti, thank you to Little Footprints, Big Steps for partnering with us, to IBESR for coordinating these greatly needed activities and to all of the social work partners of the Working Group for Child Protection (GTPE) of which we are a part. We are honored to support these trainings and to be a part of them!

Find out more about ONE HUNDRED FOR HAITI on Facebook and please spread the word about what we do.

11/02/17Depixelate podcast with Dean Berlinerblau

When Dean Berlinerblau wrote and asked for an interview for his new podcast I had no idea I would be diving into deeeeeeep conversation. Dean asks challenging questions! His Depixelate podcast just came out and I’d recommend listening to him even more than listening to me.

We went for it. Topics covered in the 90+ minutes include self-improvement, the positive manifestation of suffering, politically-charged violence in the West, collectivism and individualism, the importance of civil dialogue, the negative effects of social media and targeted information algorithms, online censorship, free speech, gentrification in Seattle, what to do about inequality, and the meaning and social fabric of the hardcore music scene. WHEW.

iTunes (opens in the Podcasts app): https://pcr.apple.com/id1304385401

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/depixelate

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXZ_s5oAdvo&t=1s

10/28/17Punk Rock comes to Grinnell College in Iowa!

The best of times at Grinnell College in Iowa with vegan straightedge sociology professor Ross Haenfler who put together two full days of speaking and events. Day one had us team teaching sociology classes together about punk/hardcore history and how punk and straightedge relate to larger social issues. Later in the day he arranged a campus-wide speaking event for my “Changing the World Without Having a Clue” presentation.

On the second day we hung out on the couch with his cats and talked for three and a half hours about the wider sociological implications of punk and straightedge for a new book he is working on, and then he arranged for us to meet at night with the campus Intersectional Vegan Group to talk about how veganism connects to other forms of oppression. Great students and even better ideas circulating about how to tie together all sorts of different initiatives.

If you ever go back to college make sure you go to Grinnell and have Ross be your professor. He plays Minor Threat in class.

10/18/17Spoken word record gets underway with Rocky Votolato

For years I’ve been dreaming about writing a spoken word LP. The idea is to have my words appearing with an original musical track from each of the most talented friends I have. I have commitments from seven artists so far.

Today that dream became more of a reality. Tracking an original song with Rocky Votolato near Seattle.

Update 10/22/2017

Spoken word LP audio track #2. Selecting music tracks today in Los Angeles with Joel Jarek DeGraff from his recorded catalog under the name Same Animal. Search spotify and SoundCloud for the Same Animal songs especially my favorites “Broken Glass” and “Escape From Stockholm”.

Fun fact: I met Joel for the first time when I saw him singing for Undertow when I was twenty years old. We later played one show together after he’d left Undertow with his band Saidchild when I filled in on bass for a night scared out of my mind that I would mess up every note of every song.

10/14/17Seattle Burrito Coalition in effect for those in need

Respect to Jake Conroy and friends for putting together and organizing the Seattle Burrito Coalition / All Fired Up Coalition. We wrapped and distributed 100+ burritos today to the homeless population south of the West Seattle Bridge. It was my first time helping out and I was glad I got to be a part of it.

Seattle’s meteoric rise to become a city of, and for, millionaires has had the simultaneous consequence of an explosion in the numbers of homeless people here. I hear lip service paid to the problem all the time with barely anyone – certainly not politicians – doing enough. Politicians will never save us. So a high five to Jake for taking action and actually doing something to offer some level of relief. The people we met were very thankful.

10/12/17David Russell on the trash can fire that is the USA

My friend David M. Russell is smart. And good with words. And despises the president as much as I do. Maybe more. Well said, David:

“Trump has to know the end is near. He is literally setting everything he can on fire.

He just absolutely FUCKED the health insurance market. Neither he nor the GOP ever had a plan, and now the entire market could collapse and we’ll all be paying more until it does.

He’s going to backdoor us out of the Iran nuclear treaty, which betrays our allies and will bring Iran closer to a nuclear weapon.

He’s moving forward on everything he can that pollutes our air, land and water so that coal barons and oil companies can profit.

He’s pushing us hard towards real conflict with North Korea, which would essentially sacrifice the lives of countless thousands of South Koreans.

He’s at war with women in every imaginable way and is working to codify his sexist beliefs.

He’s at war with the LGBTQ community, and he’s working to codify his bigotry.

He’s at war with virtually every non-white population in America — not the least of which is the 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico, whom he would very much like to abandon — and he’s working to codify his racism.

He has obstructed justice, in regard to the Russia investigation. A crime. And he admitted it.

He lies to the American public no fewer than 5 times a day on average.

He is in clear violation of the emoluments clause and has been since the moment he was sworn in.

He constantly attacks the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, two of the foundational principles of this nation.

I could go on and on, but do I need to? Not if you follow the unfortunately all-too-real news. He does everything any demagogue in history has done.

He is desperate to undo anything and everything done by America’s first other-than-white President — from the ACA to the bike rack for shared bicycles at the White House — because the Republican Southern Strategy can’t survive if their racist supporters see an other-than-white person succeeding as Obama did, despite the profound and unprecedented irrationality he faced from conservatives.

Trump has to go. Now. And every Republican who refuses to stand up to him and his attempts to turn this great nation, the shining beacon of freedom and democracy, into an authoritarian dictatorship needs to go too.”

10/10/17“Changing the World” at Minnesota State University

Sending some love and gratitude tonight to the Kessel Peace Institute and Professor Carol Glasser for having me back tonight to speak as part of the Social Justice Lecture Series at Minnesota State University, where we had:

– vegan snacks
– spoken word about changing the world
– open discussion about taking specific actions to bring about social change

If even part of the student generated ideas for action come to fruition, the world will see Target doing away completely with plastic bags nationwide, the NCAA revising its rules for coaches getting paid extravagantly while some players and their families struggle financially, and students being prioritized over profits at MSU.

10/03/17Podcast on Las Vegas and meeting the Dalai Lama

Recorded late last night: a special last minute episode of Punk Rock Pariah, in which Cameron Collins and I dive deep into the Las Vegas shooting, and also cover Tom Perry, and the time we met Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, and the Dalai Lama.

Liston online here:


10/02/17Las Vegas: Don’t let the shooter stay alive

Don’t print the shooter’s name. Don’t say it. Don’t tell his story. Let history forget him. By printing his story we make famous a human who otherwise would have been relegated to the standard garbage dump of history where most of us will eventually reside. By making him famous we give him endless permanent life. And in doing so we inspire other nothings to aspire to be somethings through the most diabolical of similar methods.

10/01/17David Grenier on Donald Trump’s prize…

David Grenier on Donald Trump:

“I generally don’t care about Trump’s personality, but his handling of Hurricane destruction in Puerto Rico is kind of mind boggling. I’m seriously wracking my brain for any historical comparison in my lifetime and coming up short.

I can’t remember a sitting president disparaging a US State or engaging in so much victim-blaming after a natural disaster. Even Bush didn’t do that with Katrina, although his supporters sure as fuck did.

There’s always been at least a pretense that a president is president of all of America, not just president of the people who voted for him or the people he likes.
It’s not just that Trump has failed at being President here…. he hasn’t even tried.

More than anything he’s done so far, I think this shows that Trump doesn’t see the Presidency as a job, he sees it as a prize.”

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