04/09/18Just back from Haiti and it was truly INCREDIBLE

It is always important to remember the constant beauty experienced in Haiti along with the struggles.

This is Madame Papo. She lives in Bas Pinal, a small community a few kilometers from the center of Ranquitte. One Hundred For Haiti put a roof on her house last year.

I met her yesterday for the first time. I asked what she thought of her new roof. “Trè kontant”. Very happy.

I just got back from Haiti and my mind is spinning from all the stories I heard and the people I met over the last week and a half. I’ve posted a compilation of all of my Facebook and Instagram posts from the last week into one post at www.onehundredforhaiti.org.

This trip was different than in years past. In 2017 and now into 2018, people donating whether once or signing up as recurring monthly donors allowed us to do so much. I constantly saw how many people had been positively affected by all of us coming together.

I’m inspired for the rest of 2018. Plans are forming along the lines of development, job creation, safe water, new roofs, and more. Thank you for all the support so far and into the future xo

LEARN MORE about our work here: http://www.onehundredforhaiti.org/haiti-trip-spring-2018/

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