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Right Action Podcast is a consideration of where we, as passionate individuals, radicals, anti-authoritarians, activists, and anyone concerned with the pursuit towards total freedom can best apply ourselves on a daily basis. The creator, Scott Spitz, is a longtime activist and writer, but also known to dabble in long distance running, parenting, graphic design, and gardening. He is a total badass and also a cancer survivor. I took a few moments and interviewed him back, just three questions, about his show and why it exists:

I’ve found that I consider personal and social issues only so intently as the current media I use allows. When I was writing for my zine, I would think about an issue as far as I could fit it onto a page or two. When I wrote a blog, I could think deeper and longer about an issue. When social media took over, I found I was restricting my thoughts to be concise and fit the parameters of however many characters we are allowed. Being concise can be an effective skill, but I found I was succumbing to the “dumbing down” effect to which our communication is being reduced. A podcast allows for a wide audience, but also a deep consideration of the issues facing us today, which we so desperately need. The more I try to align my actions with my values, the more I struggle against the forces of dominant culture that wants me to be a part of it’s continuation. This podcast is about trying to navigate those difficult areas of action that lead towards the ends I seek (anti-authoritarian, non-hierarchical, etc. in this case), but also not being relegated to the peanut gallery, symbolic gestures, or self-serving but relatively stagnant approaches. It’s about living within the belly of the beast and trying to find our way out.

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I’ve always been a politically engaged person, but over the last 8 years (give or take) I found myself drifting away from political action, probably due in part to a discontent with the political communities I was once a part. I think I needed that time to just live outside organized political action. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, which oddly enough led to my deeper involvement with political expressions by way of the support I was given by my extended community. That aid (financial and physical) had such an effect on me and enabled me to very directly understand what a small group of people can do with minimal resources for those less fortunate. At every opportunity since, I’ve tried to reciprocate towards others, whether holding fundraisers, promoting worthy projects, contributing resources, etc. I’m now continuing to evaluate how to maximize the impact of our privilege and live in accordance with our values to bring about the ends we seek.

You know, I don’t feel like I’m disconnected from the people I admire and for whom I have the utmost respect, so it’s really just a matter of asking. I’d love to sit down with Chris from Propaghandi and I’m hoping to get an interview with the author Wendell Berry, but otherwise I can’t think of any “untouchables” I’d like to interview. I find the “common people” (to use a lacking phrase) have the most valuable perspective to offer. I suppose, however, if we are including the dead, Carl Sagan would probably give a stellar interview. And then there is Chief Tecumseh. Oh, Zach De La Rocha. I’d like to interview him. He’s probably relatively untouchable. I’ll see if I can remedy that. And yes, It’s not lost on me that everyone is a male…I’ll remedy that too.

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