06/18/18New online interview explores on “7 Splinters in Time” on Idioteq.com

My friend Karol Kaminski at Idioteq asked me some questions recently about the upcoming sci-fi thriller “7 Splinters in Time”.

This is an interview with an unspoken inspiration from the filmmakers amidst it. One thing often unsaid about the film is that director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel and producers Ty Walker, Edoardo Ballerini, Isen Robbins and Gil Holland worked for nine years on it. And not just a linear nine years, but a nine years of figuring out how to get the movie completed and ultimately completing it brilliantly.

How many of us commit to a project over such a long period of time, even when a clear end point isn’t apparent? They did. And that inspires me immensely.

The film will be out in July in select theaters and on July 13th via Video on Demand.

Upcoming screenings:

Monday July 9th NEW YORK CITY – 7pm at Anthology. Details available soon.
Wednesday July 11th LOS ANGELES – 7PM Laemmle Music Hall Beverly Hills

Read the interview here!

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