10/18/17Spoken word record gets underway with Rocky Votolato

For years I’ve been dreaming about writing a spoken word LP. The idea is to have my words appearing with an original musical track from each of the most talented friends I have. I have commitments from seven artists so far.

Today that dream became more of a reality. Tracking an original song with Rocky Votolato near Seattle.

Update 10/22/2017

Spoken word LP audio track #2. Selecting music tracks today in Los Angeles with Joel Jarek DeGraff from his recorded catalog under the name Same Animal. Search spotify and SoundCloud for the Same Animal songs especially my favorites “Broken Glass” and “Escape From Stockholm”.

Fun fact: I met Joel for the first time when I saw him singing for Undertow when I was twenty years old. We later played one show together after he’d left Undertow with his band Saidchild when I filled in on bass for a night scared out of my mind that I would mess up every note of every song.

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