Sitting up late writing to Haitians directly and apologizing on behalf of the United States for the words of our self-imposed god-king. I am so upset. It wavers between rage that fills my eyes with tears and makes me think thoughts I can’t type here, and just a heavy sadness mixed with determination as I realize how much work there is to do and how important it is to make sure we do whatever we can to help it get done right, and on Haitian terms.

I had been excited this week to begin tons of work on a major anti-oppression and anti-rape initiative which will take the efforts we’ve accomplished in that area in the last year and catapult them into the stratosphere. My friends in Haiti and I are working on plans along with activists here in the states who are offering solid ideas on how to help transform the societal imbalances which lead to violence and to put it all in Haitian hands as trainers for their own people. Now instead of just wanting and hoping to see that dream become a reality I feel that we owe it to the people there to see it through, given that our president today basically called for racial purity, United States supremacy, and once again helped to establish a foundation upon which violence against foreigners can safely stand. And he did it while cutting down a country as subhuman who have survived more in the last eight years than most of us will ever understand or know firsthand.

It is the anniversary of the quake now. Its well after midnight. I was in Haiti half a year before the quake, meeting friends who have lasted in my life since then, and establishing bonds which could never be broken or even bent by the President’s hateful words today.

There’s no point to this post other than to just connect. Part of Trump’s plan is to overwhelm us all on an individual level. To make us think that we are the only ones who are so confused. The idea is to make us feel so burnt out and numb that each individual news story and the narrative overall loses its impact. And in doing so to diminish our desire to take action against him and these policies. The effect is to isolate us and to leave us feeling helpless and alone. Many times he’s succeeded at that: I see and hear the news and I feel like there’s just too much to fight against. But not tonight. Tonight Trump failed. His words reset my determination. The more we connect as activists and as friends, the less power our so called leaders have over us as a mass of helpless individuals seemingly in need of their guidance.

An hour ago as we were signing off for the night, I said to Nathan Hamlin Bean, devoted activist and on the board of One Hundred For Haiti, “Haiti wins in the end. Lets help that happen”.

For the people we’ve supported, for the ones we haven’t even met yet, for the future of a small country which has an immense beauty to its people and its land which those who have been there know and love, and for the idea that people are defined by far more than borders and validated by more than their material wealth, tonight from Seattle I stand with Haiti.


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