12/09/17Vegan Black Metal Chef in Seattle

Last night the Vegan Black Metal Chef sat down with Cameron Collins and me to record episode #49 of our Punk Rock Pariah podcast / radio show and talk about how he became a vegan black metal chef and what it was like growing up amidst the metal scene in Tampa, FL. We also talked about vegan cooking and his amazing new cookbook, The Seitanic Spellbook. Give it a listen now!

AND if you’re in Seattle…go see Vegan Black Metal Chef at Vegan Haven today Saturday, December 9th from Noon to 3pm: Meet the Vegan Black Metal Chef + Booksigning at Vegan Haven. He will be sharing freshly made potato salad, taking photos, and signing autographs.

‪Listen to Episode 49 – Vegan Black Metal Chef ‬here:


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